Network Firewall

Q1. Firewall is ?

  1. a hardware
  2. a software
  3. can be a hardware as well as software
  4. can neither be a hardware nor a software

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Ans: 3.can be a hardware as well as software


Q2. A proxy firewall filters at the?

  1. physical layer
  2. application layer
  3. data link layer
  4. network layer

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Ans: 2.application layer


Q3. A packet filter firewall filters at the

  1. application or transport
  2. data link layer
  3. physical
  4. network or transport layer

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Ans: or transport layer


Q4. Which firewall facility that can monitor the state of active connections and use this information to determine which network packets to allow through the firewall.

  1. dynamic packet filter
  2. general protection fault
  3. partition
  4. Gateway

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Ans: 1.dynamic packet filter


Q5.  Which private data network that makes use of the public telecommunication infrastructure, maintaining privacy through the use of a tunneling protocol and security procedures. 

  1.  Metcalfe’s Law
  2.  VPN
  3.  DMZ
  4.  personal firewall

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Ans: 2.VPN


Q6. DHCP is the abbreviation of

  1. Dynamic Host Control Protocol
  2. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  3. Dynamic Hyper Control Protocol
  4. Dynamic Hyper Configuration Protocol

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Ans: 2.Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol


Q7. Which server acts as an intermediary between a workstation user and the Internet so that the enterprise can ensure security, administrative control, and caching service.

  1. Kerberos
  2.  security policy
  3.  proxy server
  4.  Metcalfe’s Law

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Ans: 3.proxy server


Q8. Which software application used to protect a single Internet-connected computer from intruders.

  1. personal firewall
  2. Bastion host
  3. sniffer
  4. Web Proxy Auto discovery

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Ans: 1.personal firewall


Q9. Which is the only host computer that a company allows to be addressed directly from the public network — it is designed to screen the rest of its network from security exposure.

  1. personal firewall
  2. bastion host
  3.  sniffer
  4. D. Web Proxy Auto discovery

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Ans: 2.bastion host


Q10. Which set of rules that govern what is and what is not allowed through the firewall. 

  1.  Web Proxy Auto discovery
  2.  rule base
  3. dynamic packet filter
  4.  general protection fault 

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Ans: 3.dynamic packet filter


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