10 Example Usage of ping Command on Windows

Ping or Packet InterNet Groper is a networking utility and the most used command in the diagnosis of any networking-related issue. This command is very simple and just tells whether the remote host is alive or dead. Now you can be asked about the host. The host is any device that is connected to the network.

Ping command will send ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) request to the remote host. If the remote host is reachable, it simply tells the trip time. But if the remote host is not reachable in a proper way, it tells about the packet loss. Click Here if you are interested in the Top 20 Windows PowerShell Commands for Administrators.

In this article, we will see 10 Examples of Usage of the ping Command on Windows.

(1) Display help options

List all possible options

ping /?

(2) Ping host for an unlimited time until press Ctrl+C to exit

ping -t <url>

(3) Send the number of echo requests by using -n (1 to 4.2 billion) (In Windows, 4 is the default)

ping -n 10 <url>

(4) To find hostname with ping

ping -a <url>

(5) To ping with IPv6

ping -6 <server>

(6) To ping with IPv4

ping -4 <server>

(7) To send requests of specific size

ping -l 1000 <url>

(8) To enable the verbose option

ping -v <url>

(9) Timeout (in ms) to wait for each reply. It specifies the termination time to the ping output.

ping -w 80 <url>

(10) To spoof source address to use

ping -S <url>


This article covers a brief about ping commands and top example usage so Windows administrators are able to use this command in a professional way.

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