10 Simple Tips to Secure Android Mobile Phones from Hackers

Currently, People are spending a lot of time on their phones. From playing games to watching movies to paying utility bills, people are performing day-to-day activities by using their mobile phones. Now, Mobile phone data is a real asset for hackers. Saving credit/debit cards are common on different mobile apps while performing payment activity. This article summarises 10 Simple Tips to Secure Android Mobile Phones from Hackers.

(1) Create a strong password or pin for your mobile

Always configure a strong authentication for your mobile device. Choose long passwords that have a combination of numerals, alphabets, and special characters. Some mobile asks for pin configuration. Try to set different passwords for different apps. I know it is difficult, but if you use one password for every app, you are at greater risk.

(2) Never use your card on mobile apps/websites that you are not trusted

Any financial transaction should be performed only on apps/websites that you can trust. You can use credit/debit cards on apps/websites that you know and trust. Also, try not to store your card on apps/websites. This simple step prevents you to avoid big financial losses while using your mobile phone.

(3) Download/Install mobile apps from a trusted store

Never install any app from unknown sources. Try to use Google Appstore or another trusted Appstore for any download/install mobile apps.

(4) Try not to use Public Wi-Fi

The main problem associated with public wi-fi is anyone can intercept requests on it. If your app/website not using HTTPS/TLS, bad people may see your sensitive data (personal messages, passwords, card details, etc) in plain text. Later, they can use and breach your privacy. They can also incur a financial loss.

(5) Use Google Authenticator

An authenticator is added one extra layer of defense against bad people. Whenever a user accesses your Google account, the authenticator validates your identity. This definitely is a welcome step to enhance your security.

(6) Lock your sensitive apps

This is another layer of security. If you lost your mobile, the bad guy is not able to see locked apps and see sensitive data on mobile phones. Sensitive apps may be your email apps, financial apps, personal media, etc

(7) Use Antivirus

You can also use one good antivirus on your mobile phone. Antivirus is good at neutralizing malicious apps and programs on mobile.

(8) Take Backup Regularly

Always take a backup of your mobile data/files on some external disks. This acts as a security cover if you lost your mobile.

(9) Install minimal apps that you needed actually

If you install every type of app on your mobile, you increase your risk of getting hacked. Just install those mobile apps that you needed and you can use them frequently. You can also remove apps monthly that are idle or not used for a long time.

(10) Update Update Update

Always update mobile apps and phones whenever required. If you update mobile (including apps) with the latest released patches by vendors, 90 percent of attacks can be avoided.


This blog covers some basic but very useful tips to secure your Android device from hackers. Try to follow those tips to secure your phone from bad people.

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Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Individual is solely responsible for any illegal act.

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