ChatGPT vs Google- Which is Really Better?

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. This chatbot can interact similarly to a human chat with another human. It would be best if you typed your question, it will provide an answer.

Google is a popular search engine that provides an answer to every query raised by users. It is to be noted that Google is powered by millions of writers who write day and night to provide insightful information.

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ChatGPT vs Google

ProductAI chatbot based on Reinforcement LearningSearch Engine powered by millions of bloggers
ReliabilityLess reliable More reliable
CorrectnessAs a new product may be subject to errorsAs got matured with time, provide more accurate answers
LanguageSupport multiple languagesSupport more multiple languages
ReferenceNot provide any source of information to verify the contentProvide enough sources and options to verify the content
CostCurrently free to use, but maybe commercial in a coming futureCompletely free to use
How to useAccess and click on "TRY CHATGPT". You need to register or log in to use ChatGPT.No need to log in to use the Google search engine
Answers Provide clear and unambiguous answers just like your friendProvide every possible answer and cover all aspects of the specific topic
LimitationProvide answers based on the database up to the year 2021No such Limitation

I have also tried ChatGPT and Google to check the quality of the answers

(1) Program for Fibonacci series

On ChatGPT: provide a clear answer in an affirmative way

The Google search engine, display different blogs that provide answers to the same question.

Verdict - Google provides different blogs to answer the same query while ChatGPT provides one most appropriate answer

(2) Factors behind the recession

On ChatGPT - provide simple language answers in a bullet format

On Google Search Engine, provide multiple viewpoints in form of different blog links

Verdict - ChatGPT provide the answer in bullet points format while Google provides answers based on different viewpoints of blogs

ChatGPT vs Google- Which is really better?

As of now, Google's search engine is definitely better in terms of the quality and correctness of answers. As it matures over time, results are more accurate and localized with respect to the country.

While ChatGPT is a new product, that provides concise and clear answers in an easy-to-read way. It provides simple language answers in a more convincing way.

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