Course Outline of Digital Forensics

This blog provides you with a course outline of the Digital Forensics Course. You can request more topics to add while giving feedback in the Comment section.

Fundamentals of Digital Forensics

Skills Needed for Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics Certifications

What is Cybercrime and its Different Types

Different Types of Digital Evidence

Concept of Business Continuity

Legal Compliance in Computer Forensics

Investigation Process of Computer Forensics

Pre-Investigation Phase in Digital Forensics

Investigation Phase in Digital Forensics

Post-Investigation Phase in Digital Forensics

Types of Storage Drives

Logical Structures of a Disk

Booting Process of Windows OS

File Systems of Windows OS

Booting process of Linux OS

File Systems of Linux OS

Booting process of MAC OS

File Systems of MAC OS

Analyze File Systems

Data Acquisition

Types of Data Acquisition

Format of Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition Methodology

Anti-Forensic Techniques

Data Deletion Forensic

Recycle Bin Forensic

Techniques of File Carving

How to Recover Digital Evidence

Artifact Wiping

Metadata Detection

Collection of Volatile and Non-volatile data

Examine Cache, Cookie, and History in Web Browsers

Examine Windows Files and Metadata

Volatile and Non-volatile Data in Linux

Analysis of File System using Sleuth Kit

Memory Forensics

MAC Forensics

Fundamentals of Network Forensics

Event Correlation Concept

Investigation of Network Traffic

Web Application Forensics

How to Analyze Apache Web Server Logs

Dark Web

TPR Browser Forensics

How to Analyze Memory Dumps


Malware Forensics Fundamentals

Static Analysis of Malware

Dynamic Malware Analysis

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Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Individual is solely responsible for any illegal act.

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