How to Install Ghidra on Windows

Ghidra is a popular reverse engineering framework tool developed by the National Security Agency (NSA). This blog provides an easy-to-follow guide to installing Ghidra on Windows systems.

Download Link

You can visit the official website to get the latest version of Ghidra. Below are the links to download Ghidra:

Official Website Link

Further, Just click on "Download from Github" to download the binary.

Supported Processors by Ghidra

Ghidra supports below range of similar variants of processors.

X86 16/32/64PowerPC 32/64/VLEPA-RISCJava / DEX bytecodeMIPS 16/32/64/microPIC 12/16/17/18/24Sparc 32/6468xxx


Ghidra is simply installed by extracting the zip folder on your C:\ directory. You need to provide a super admin password to extract the zip on C:\ directory.

After extraction, you will get the folder structure as mentioned below:

Just click on ghidraRun, and you will get the CMD window with the error "Java runtime not found".

To run, we need to download and install Java JDK. Right-click on the zip file and click Extract All.

Then, add its bin directory to your system's PATH.

For adding, select the Environment Variables window.

  • On Windows 10, Right-click on the Windows start button and click System.

Click on Advanced system settings.

Then select Environment variables.

Add the JDK bin directory to the PATH variable.

Now under System variables, identify Path and click on Edit.

Add one more environment variable <Jdk Path>\bin by simply copying the path of the bin directory.

After successful setup of the environment, click on ghidraRun

You will no longer get the error message of Java. Click on Agree and Ghidra window opens up.

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Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Individual is solely responsible for any illegal act.

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