Nessus Professional vs - How to Choose the Best Vulnerability Management Tool

Currently, the market is flooded with a lot of cybersecurity products. This blog talks about two products that are market leaders in the field of cybersecurity. This blog covers a detailed comparison of two Nessus products - Nessus Professional vs

Both Nessus Professional and are awesome and developed by Tenable. Generally, both solutions enhance the security posture of your organization. This article compares the different products of the same company Tenable i.e. Nessus Professional vs This blog helps you to Choose the Best Vulnerability Management Tool by providing features of both products.

How to Choose the Best Vulnerability Management Tool

FeatureNessus Protenable.ioRemarks
Vulnerability AssessmentAvailable Available Both Tools can be used to identify known vulnerabilities
Compliance Check Available Available Both Tools can be used to check configuration against different compliances such as Computer for Internet Security(CIS), Best Practices released by different vendors, PCI DSS, etc.
Number of Assessments Unlimited Unlimited Both tools support an unlimited number of assessments against IT infrastructure
Customization of ReportsAvailable Available Both tools have an option of configuring reports as per requirements
Main Purpose of the toolVulnerability ScannerVulnerability Management SolutionNessus Professional is basically a Vulnerability scanner while is a Vulnerability Management Solution that can be used as a scanner also.
No of Users/licenseOnly 1 More than 1Nessus Pro support only one user to scan IT infrastructure at one time while can be used by multiple users at the same time
Automatic Identification of critical vulnerabilitiesNot Available Available use Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to identify critical issues in the IT infrastructure
UsersPenTesters and Security ConsultantsSmall, Medium, and Large EnterpriseNessus Pro is used by security auditors who perform security assessments while is used by organizations to manage vulnerabilities in IT systems
UsabilityVery EasyMedium Nessus Pro is very easy to use as few clicks are required to initiate the first scan while is a full-fledged vulnerability management solution hence more inputs are required to configure initially.
Support Levels (CIS)Available Available Both tools have the option to scan IT systems against L1 and L2 configurations
Free TrialAvailableAvailableNessus Pro can be used for 7 days as a free trial while can be used for 30 days as a free trial.
Cloud Support Not Available Available can be managed in the cloud
SubscriptionAnnual Subscription Available Annual Subscription Available Both tools can be availed for an annual subscription


Both solutions are awesome in the sense both are working best in their fields. If you want just a vulnerability scanner, you should go for Nessus Pro but if you want to manage vulnerabilities in the IT systems in your organization, may be the ideal choice. Let me know if I missed any feature available in the tool.

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Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Individual is solely responsible for any illegal act.

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