Quick Tutorial: How to Install Nmap on Windows

Nmap is the most popular port scanner among cybersecurity professionals. Although users of Nmap are quite happy using Nmap on Linux-based systems, a small proportion of users want it on Windows also. Click Here If you are interested in knowing the tool alternative to Nmap. This short tutorial guides you to install Nmap on Windows systems.

Download Link - You can download the binary files from Nmap's official website. It is advisable to install a stable release under the section Microsoft Windows binaries.

Learn which is better between two great tools - Nmap and Nessus

Steps to Install Nmap on Windows

(1) Download the installer file from the official website. Ensure an internet connection is available on your system.

(2) Click on the installer file. If you are not login into the admin profile, it will prompt you for a password. Just click on Agree.

(3) Select the components that you need to install. If you don't know anything related to components, just click Next.

(4) Now, choose the Destination Folder. Then, click on Next.

(5) Installation will start as soon as you click on Install. After completion, just need to click on Next.

(6) Just select the checkbox to create shortcuts on Start Menu Folder and Desktop Icon. Click on Next to proceed to finish the setup.

(7) Click on Finish. Congratulations, you have successfully installed Nmap on Windows.

Now, just open Command Prompt with admin rights. Type nmap. If the whole set of Nmap options is displayed, this simply means you have successfully installed Nmap on your system.


This tutorial provides a quick guide to installing Nmap on your Windows desktop. If you are interested in learning the usage of Nmap, Click Here for Nmap cheatsheet.

Click Here If you are interested to learn scan by using GUI tool Zenmap.

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Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Individual is solely responsible for any illegal act.

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