Secure Privacy with Tails Operating System

Tails is a Linux-based distribution mainly built for securing your activities from any type of surveillance. This OS is extremely useful in protecting the identity of an individual in digital space and is extremely free. This blog covers an overview of the Tails operating system.


Supported OS: Windows, Linux, macOS

Download Link (Windows)

Download Link (Linux)

Download Link (MacOS)

It is recommended to use Tails by using USB sticks, you can download at the below-mentioned link:

Download (for USB sticks)

Users of Tails

Anyone who is concerned for security and privacy. Tails is widely used by journalists, activists, etc. to hide their activities.

How Tails Works

Tails use the TOR network for communication. The data is transmitted via relays which are owned and operated by different people. Currently, Tor has approximately 6000 relays. This will help users to become invisible in cyberspace. It also blocks applications automatically which not use the TOR network for communication.

What software/programs are on the Tails operating system?

  • OnionShare, to transfer files over the TOR network
  • Open-source, office software
  • KeePassXC, to generate a strong password
  • uBlock, a secure browser also blocks ad-blocker
  • Electrum, an easy to use bitcoin client
  • Aircrack-ng, complete suite to assess WiFi network security
  • Other programs

What happens with data on shutdown on Tails?

All data is automatically deleted when you shut down the Tails operating system. Tails OS is not writing anything on hard disks and only runs by using the memory of the computer.


This blog provides a brief overview of the operating system Tails that include where can we download, how OS works, what programs can be installed on the OS, and what happens with data on shutdown on OS.

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Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Individual is solely responsible for any illegal act.

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