Short Tutorial: Reverse Engineering Tool radare2

radare2 is a reverse engineering tool/framework that is extremely useful for disassembling, debugging, patching, and analyzing binaries. This tool is pre-installed on the popular Kali Linux operating system. radare2 is based on a command-line interface tool. This blog covers installation/ uninstallation and utilities available in radare2 tool.


You can install it by using the below set of commands:

git clone
cd radare2 
sudo sys/


make uninstall
make purge

Utilities available with radare2

rax2helps in base conversions
rabin2extract information from executable binaries
radiff2display differences
radare2main tool in the framework
rasm2support multiple architectures including Intel x86, x86-64 for assembling and disassembling
rahash2supports multiple cryptographic algorithms to check the integrity of files
rafind2help in finding byte patterns in files
ragg2compile high-level program into binaries (x86, x86-64, ARM)
rarun2Useful for Solving crackmes, Fuzzing and Test suites

Available options in rax2

Available options in rabin2

rabin2 -I <classes.dex>

Available options in radiff2

Available options in radare2

Available options in rasm2

Available options in rahash2

Available options in rafind2

Available options in ragg2

Available options in rarun2


It is a project that allows the connection of radare2 with the popular tool Frida. This project works well both for Android and iOS environments.

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Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Individual is solely responsible for any illegal act.

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