Top 10 Database Testing Tools [Updated 2023]

Database testing is an activity of performing testing related to the database's validation and integrity, the performance of the database on receiving so much traffic, the database stored procedure, etc. If you are interested in know more about database testing, refer to Brief Overview of Database Security.

Types of Database Testing Tools

Database testing tools are mainly categorized into 4 types of tools:

Database Testing

Performance testing: These types of tools flood the server with a virtual load, observe the database's behavior, and help identify problems in the database.

Test data generator tools: These tools generate data for performance testing and database-related testing.

Unit testing tools: These types of tools are mainly used for regression testing of the database.

Data security tools: These tools help in identifying gaps while configuring databases against information security guidelines and other database-related attacks.

Performance testing tools

(1) MicroFocus LoadRunner

  • MicroFocus LoadRunner is a commercial tool, and it is basically used for performance testing of web applications.
  • It helps in identifying performance bottlenecks in serving the request from the end-user.
  • It is easy to operate; even beginners can execute a simple load test and identify the database's problems.
  • It also integrates load testing with many development tools such as Selenium, jUnit, nUnit, Microsoft Visual Studio, etc.


(2) Apache JMeter

  • JMeter is an open-source tool used mainly for performance testing of web applications.
  • It supports load tests of many different application types such as Java, NodeJS, ASP.NET, SOAP/REST Webservices, Database via JDBC, etc.


Data security tools

(3) IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy

  • IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy helps in identifying security breaches while configuring the database.


(4) sqlmap

  • sqlmap is a penetration testing tool used by cybersecurity professionals to detect SQL injection vulnerabilities.
  • It supports the detection of six SQL injection techniques such as boolean-based blind, time-based blind, error-based, UNION query-based, stacked queries, and out-of-band.


Test data generator tools

(5) DTM Data Generator

  • DTM Data Generator comes in the category of test data generation tools.
  • It generates data rows and schema objects for testing purposes: increase content in the database, and create data for performance testing and QA testing.
  • It supports most databases such as Sybase, Informix, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, Interbase/Firebird, etc.


(6) Data factory

  • Data Factory is a Java API used to generate data in the database.
  • This tool is used to create a lot of sample data to test applications.


(7) Turbo data

  • Turbo Data is a data generator used to create realistic data in the database.
  • It also supports VB scripting in manipulating the output data.
  • Drag and drop interface available to fill thousands of rows in the database.


Unit testing tools

(8) SQLUnit

  • SQLUnit is an open-source tool used for regression testing of created stored procedures of the database.
  • It is developed in Java and uses JDBC to communicate with the database, helping in coverage of unit testing of database stored procedure.


(9) DbFit

  • DbFit is used for unit testing of database code.


(10) TSQLUnit 

  • TSQLUnit is a testing framework used for unit testing of Transact-SQL applications.
  • It includes unit tests written in Python.
  • This testing framework can be used to test complex scenarios.


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