Top 15 Android Mobile App Penetration Testing Tools

Below is the list of Android mobile app penetration testing tools. These tools are used to decide whether an android mobile app is secure or has vulnerabilities. Click Here to know OWASP Mobile Top 10 Vulnerabilities.

DrozerFreeSecurity Testing Framework for dynamic analysis of android mobile apps
QARKFreePen Test Tool for static analysis of android mobile apps. Click Here for a detailed tutorial on the QARK tool.
MobSFFreeGUI-based Security Testing Framework for both static and dynamic analysis. Click here for how we can install the MobSF tool on Windows/Linux.
AndrobugsFreeCommand Line Based Android Application Security Testing Tool to give accurate results per scan in less than 2 minutes.
BurpSuiteFree and Commercial Popular Web Vulnerability Scanner Proxy Tool. Click here to know more about the BurpSuite tool
OWASP ZAPFreeWeb and API Scanner Tool. Click here for the OWASP ZAP tutorial.
FridaFreepowerful dynamic analysis tool to assess mobile apps
ObjectionFreeExploitation toolkit to evaluate the android mobile app for vulnerabilities. Rooted device not required for using Objection.
VirusTotalFreeAnalyze suspicious files and URLs to detect types of malware by uploading apk file
ApktoolFreeReverse Engineering Tool to decode installer into raw form.
ADBFreecommand-line-based tool used to communicate mobile device or emulator
bettercapFreeHelps in analyzing security vulnerabilities in WiFi networks, Bluetooth Low Energy devices, wireless HID devices, and Ethernet networks
ImmuniwebFreeEasy-to-use Internet-based mobile app scanner
TermuxFreeAndroid terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works on mobile. No need for rooted mobile is required.


Lots of tools are available to analyze mobile applications. But the more you go in-depth about mobile application security, the more you realize the importance of manual code review. In the coming time, we will discuss how you can analyze the source code of mobile applications. Meantime, Let me know if I miss any important tool to analyze mobile application security.

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