Understand Smoke Testing with Example

Smoke Testing is a type of testing where we test major features and functionality in a very short span of time. The main purpose of testing is to decide whether the software is ready for full-fledged testing or not after fixing defects. That’s why it is also called “Build Verification Test”. You can take an example of hardware testing. In hardware testing, you passed the test of an appliance or hardware setup on switching on, if it didn’t catch fire the first time.

What happens if Smoke Test Fails

If newly created software or enhanced software fails to pass the smoke test, the testing team halts further testing. They may release an interim report for fixing existing issues and insist on developer testing for the further cycle. They can share smoke testing test cases with a developer team.

Sample Test Scenarios for Smoke Testing (Application: Airline Ticket Booking Application)

  1. Check for valid login credential
  2. Check registration process
  3. Book airline tickets for two persons
  4. Check payment gateway
  5. Cancel ticket

Should Smoke Test Automate?

Automation is always fancy in eyes of management. But automation of any functions is helpful only when the developer team release product frequently with similar features. As automation takes a lot of time and effort, the decision should be taken judiciously.


  • Less Effort is required as it helps in finding major bugs early
  • Increase confidence in the team that software or changes in software comply with major requirements
  • Helps in finding integration issues in a very less time


  • This type of testing is not a substitute for functional testing
  • Not gives any guarantee that any major bug not left in the software
  • Many critical requirements may not have been tested in this type of test because of time

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