What is Burp Suite?

Burp Suite is the most popular tool used for the security assessment of web applications. 90% of security professionals used this tool while performing a security audit of web applications. This tool is available as Burp Suite Community Edition, Burp Suite Professional, and Burp Suite Enterprise Edition. Most of the security researchers used the community edition of the tool. Although to exploit the full potential of the tool, you need a paid version of this tool.

What is Burp Suite Used for?

  • Automated Scanning of web applications
  • Proxy - to intercept web application traffic
  • Repeater - to modify requests and responses
  • Intruder - used for fuzzing of usernames, passwords, etc.
  • Decoder - decode URL, HTML, Hex, Octal, Binary, etc.
  • Comparer - to compare two requests
  • Extender - to add functionality by using BApps

How to Download Burp Suite free for Windows/Mac/Linux?


How to Buy Burp Suite Professional?

Subscription/License Cost: $399 for 1 year / 798 $ for 2 year / $1197 for 3 year

Link: https://portswigger.net/buy/pro

How to Buy Burp Suite Enterprise Edition plan?

Subscription/License Cost: $5,595 for 5 concurrent scans/ $11,580 for 20 concurrent scans/ $23,550 for 50+ concurrent scans

Link: https://portswigger.net/buy/pro

Burp Suite for Android

The Burp Suite tool is not available for Android. But, you can use both the community and professional versions of the Burp Suite tool to intercept traffic of mobile applications.

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