10 Simple Tips to Secure Desktops/ Laptops from Malware [Updated 2023]

Desktops/ laptops are not just used by engineers but also used by the general public. But the question is, are people securely using desktops/ laptops? We often frustrate the slow processing speed of desktops/ laptops. The reason may be you are not using desktops/ laptops properly, or malware is there on your desktop/laptop.

Below is the list of 10 Simple Tips to Secure Desktops/ Laptops from Malware:

  1. Use up-to-date software - Panacea for most of the problems. If you are using up to date, most of the issues automatically sort out.
  2. Never download pirated software - Purchase genuine software instead of free download. Pirated software has a high chance of inbuilt malware.
  3. Visit genuine websites - Access website that not supplied malware into your desktop/laptops. Generally, websites with too many pop-up ads deliver malware to your system.
  4. Backup your data - Always take periodic backup and keep it safe. You prioritize data based on value and make up a plan for taking regular backup.
  5. Use strong passwords - Use strong passwords with a combination of characters, numbers, and special characters.
  6. Enable two-factor authentication - Two-factor authentication is a great way to reduce the occurrence of compromise your account.
  7. Ignore public internet wi-fi connection - Bad people may intercept your traffic and access your secrets such as passwords, social security numbers, etc.
  8. Use good antivirus - Install it and see the difference. Good antivirus software identifies bad programs and safe desktops/laptops on it.
  9. Always use a non-admin account - Best practice to use desktop/ laptop in a low privilege account. Never use an admin account with full admin rights.
  10. Ignore attaching USB drives - USB drives can copy malware into your desktops/ laptops; hence use it securely. Use cloud services for sharing data instead of using USB drives.


If you follow simple steps, your desktop/laptop has a high chance of not getting malware. But it isn't easy to follow easy tips. My advice is to adhere above tips and save your system from malware.

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Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Individual is solely responsible for any illegal act.

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