Top 25 Example Usage of ffuf Web Fuzzer

ffuf is an acronym for “fuzz faster you fool!”. In one line, ffuf is an open-source web fuzzing tool developed in go used to identify hidden resources. But first, we understand what Fuzzing is? It is a process of sending random inputs to get errors or unexpected output. Sometimes fuzzing output provides a goldmine to an attacker in the form of the hidden admin page, injection errors, etc. In this article, we will see the installation and top 30 examples of ffuf web fuzzer.


You can install ffuf by using one liner command:

go get


git clone 
cd ffuf
go get
go build

To install go,

apt-get install golang

Don't forget to add the go/bin directory in PATH variable to use the tool from any directory.

To verify proper installation and version of tool,

ffuf -V



Disclaimer: We are using URL https://test-url as an indicative target for enumeration hidden resources. You can replace the URL with the target after taking proper approvals/permissions from the target owner.

Top 30 Examples of ffuf Web Fuzzer

(1) Basic command used to brute force website

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -u https://test-url/FUZZ

(2) To fuzz parameters

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -u https://test-url?id=FUZZ

(3) To fuzz headers

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -u https://test-url -H "X-Header: FUZZ"

(4) To fuzz URL with POST method

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -u https://test-url -X POST -d "var=FUZZ"

(5) To fuzz vhost list

ffuf -w <path-vhosts> -u https://test-url -H "Host: FUZZ"

(6) To find subdomains without DNS records

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -u https://test-url/ -H "Host:"

(7) To filter based on status code

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -u https://test-url/FUZZ -fc 404,400

(8) To filter based on amount of words

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -u https://test-url/FUZZ -fw <amount-of-words>

(9) To filter based on amount of lines

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -u https://test-url/FUZZ -fl <amount-of-lines>

(10) To filter based on size of response

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -u https://test-url/FUZZ -fs <size-of-response>

(11) To filter based on amount of words

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -u https://test-url/FUZZ -fr <regex-pattern>

(12) To control rate of sending packets

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -u https://test-url/FUZZ -rate <rate-of-sending-packets>

(13) To run scan for specific time or less than specific time (in seconds)

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -u https://test-url/FUZZ -maxtime 60

(14) To fuzz substring

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -u https://test-url/testFUZZ

(15) To limit maximum time (in seconds) per job.

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -u https://test-url/FUZZ -maxtime-job 60

(16) File discovery with specific extensions

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -u http://test-url/FUZZ -e .aspx,.php,.txt,.html

(17) To sent POST request with fuzz data

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -X POST -d “username=admin\&password=FUZZ” -u http://test-url/FUZZ

(18) To FUZZ specific format file after directory

ffuf -w <path-wordlist> -u http://test-url/FUZZ/

(19) Recursion is used to perform the same task again

 ffuf -u https://test-url/FUZZ -w <path-wordlist> -recursion

(20) Scan each domain with Wordlist1

ffuf -u -w <path-wordlist>:Wordlist1

(21) Scan multiple domains with Wordlist1

ffuf -u https://Wordlist2/Wordlist1 -w <path-wordlist>:Wordlist1 <domain-list>:Wordlist2

(22) To introduce delay (in seconds) by using -p

ffuf -u http://test-url/FUZZ/ -w <path-wordlist> -p 1

(23) To speed or slow scan by using -t (default is 40)

ffuf -u http://test-url/FUZZ/ -w <path-wordlist> -t 1000

(24) To save output by using -o and for format -of

ffuf -u https://test-url/FUZZ/ -w <path-wordlist> -o output.html -of html

(25) To run scan in silent mode

ffuf -u https://test-url/FUZZ -w <path-wordlist> -s


ffuf is one of the best and fast web fuzzing tools. This tool is similar to wfuzz and gobuster. A large number of options available to exploit the functionality of this tool. I have just covered some commands to use this tool.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below. Nothing gives me greater joy than helping my readers!

Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Individual is solely responsible for any illegal act.

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