Burp Suite Interview Questions & Answers

Burp Suite is a popular application security solution to test web applications for security issues. This blog list out Burp Suite Interview Questions & Answers that may be asked while you interview for a security engineer job.

Q. List out tools that may be used for web application security.

Ans: There are many tools available that we can use for application security. Burp Suite is the most popular one. In addition, other tools including OWASP ZAP, Acunetix, and HCL Appscan may be used for web application security.

Q. Why Burp Suite is so popular among security professionals?

Ans: Burp Suite is extremely popular among security professionals because of the numerous tools available in the same solution. I am listing out important features available in Burp Suite:

  • Automatic Application Vulnerability Scanner
  • Support manual application security assessment by providing Proxy, Intruder, Repeater, Sequencer Comparer, Logger, etc.

Q. How can you use Repeater in the assessment of web application security?

Ans: Repeater is the most used feature while assessing the security of web applications manually. It helps in modifying and resending individual requests and provides an option of tampering to find security issues by observing the server's response.

To move the request under the Repeater tab, just right-click on the request available under the Proxy tab and select Send to Repeater option.

Q. How can you use Intruder in the assessment of web application security?

Ans: Intruder functionality in Burp Suite can be used to fuzz different parameters with payloads in individual requests. You can configure the positions also of payloads in the requests.

Q. What are the main differences with respect to security features between Burp Suite Community Edition and Burp Suite Professional?


ParameterBurp Suite Community Edition Burp Suite Professional
CostFreeNeed to pay
Automatic Application Security ScanningNot AvailableAvailable
CSRF TestNot AvailableAvailable
BApp ExtensionsLimited AvailabilityAvailable
Content DiscoveryNot AvailableAvailable
Save a ProjectNot AvailableAvailable
Burp IntruderLimited speed (throttle)Full speed available

Q. Have you used BApp extension Autorize?

Ans: Autorize is a BApp extension that can be used for the assessment of authorization vulnerabilities of web applications. It automates the manual task and provides results in red, green, and yellow colors.

Q. Which compliances are supported by the tool Burp Suite?

Ans: Burp Suite satisfies the range of requirements, from PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST 800-53, OWASP Top 10, GDPR, etc.

Q. How to initiate automatic web application security assessment by using Burp Suite?

Ans: You can initiate a new scan by clicking on New scan. Enter the testing URL on the text field and configure login if available.

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