Top 4 Automated Vulnerability Scanners for Database servers

Automated scanners are a great way to find issues and vulnerabilities in database servers. Scanners also help in configuring the hardening of servers including database servers.

Automated scanners will assess the databases to identify issues related to passwords, role permissions, remote login and servers, password aging, security of admin accounts, security of admin accounts, stale login ids, unauthorized object owners, account permissions, etc. This blog lists the Top 4 Automated Scanners to find vulnerabilities in Database servers.

How Automated Scanners work against database servers?

Generally, automated scanners identify vulnerabilities and misconfiguration on the database servers. Here, the first step is to provide the IPs (also called targets) of database servers and check whether the tool can connect to the server.

At this point, two options are available. The first option is to run a scan without authentication and with authentication. Based on the responses received by the tool from the database servers, a list of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Top 4 Automated Scanners to find vulnerabilities in Database servers

(1) Nessus

Nessus is the first choice of security researchers and administrators to scan servers for known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Nessus also provide a community edition for some of the product to use freely. This tool is available for different servers and network devices. It also supports compliance checks that include PCI, HIPPA, FISMA, etc against servers. Some products provided by Nessus are able to perform continuous monitoring of IT infrastructure.

Supported Databases: Oracle, MongoDB, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Sybase ASE, Cassandra

(2) Qualys

Qualys is a commercial vulnerability scanner that includes the functionality of scanning database servers. This tool also supports compliance checks, cloud security, application security, vulnerability management, etc.

Supported Databases: Oracle, IBM DB2, MariaDB, IBM Informix, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE, SAP ASE, MySQL

(3) Nexpose

Nexpose is a commercial on-premises vulnerability management solution. Nexpose provides compliance against benchmarks against standards like CIS and NIST. One of the benefits is the integration with Metasploit which enhances the tool's capability and checks the exploitability of vulnerability.

Supported Databases: MS SQL/Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, AS/400, MySQL Server, Mongo DB, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), DB2

(4) Imperva Scuba

Imperva is a commercial scanner that helps in identifying the security risks in databases. This solution is available in form of data assets, on-premise, and in the cloud.

Supported Databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL, SAP Sybase, IBM DB2, MySQL


No doubt, Automated Vulnerability Scanners play a crucial role in securing IT infrastructure. Let us know in the comments section if we missed any excellent database scanners available in the market.

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