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If you are vigilant for your privacy, you should stop using any free email services such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Rediffmail, etc. Free email services have a disclaimer about reading your private emails to serve relevant ads to you. That simply means if you are using free services, you are the product. You can argue that all these free email services use HTTPS/TLS encryption. But HTTPS/TLS encryption only encrypts and secures data while in transit, not data at rest.

Email service providers already have a disclaimer that they are reading your emails to serve you better and show ads relevant to you. Then what is the solution? You should start using an encrypted email service to secure your data from intruders. This article covers information related to the Free Encrypted Email Service provided by Protonmail.

What is Encrypted Email?

Encrypted email is a concept in which only the user and sender are able to see messages. Even administrators are not able to see messages that reside in databases.

One way to use key pairs is to exchange data between two people by using the concept of public-key cryptography. In this case, the sender and receiver need to exchange their public keys with each other in the beginning. Later, the sender is encrypting data by using the public key of the receiver. At the receiver end, the receiver decrypted the data by using the private key. But in this case, you can just secure the message shared, not other metadata details such as IPs, email id of sender and receiver, location, etc.

ProtonMail - Encrypted email service

ProtonMail is another easy solution founded by a group of CERN and MIT scientists that take your privacy very seriously. ProtonMail uses both symmetric and asymmetric cryptography techniques to offer zero access and end-to-end encryption. Below are some features of ProtonMail:

  • Encrypted emails - emails are end-to-end encrypted by secure algorithms
  • Open Source - code is available for public review
  • Anonymous login - no need to provide any personal information
  • Easy to use - very easy to use
  • Storage Drive - data can be stored using ProtonMail
source: ProtonMail

ProtonMail is available in both free and premium services. You can see all available plans by using this link.

Is ProtonMail is secure than Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook Mail, etc?

Definitely Yes. ProtonMail is a product that claims zero access encryption in addition to end-to-end protection. Data is stored by using strong cryptographic algorithms, hence data is not accessible even by ProtonMail employees.

Is ProtonMail supports Two Factor Authentication?

Yes, ProtonMail supports Two-factor authentication. The authenticator app is available to enable Two-factor authentication that prompts 6 digits pin to enter an application. ProtonMail also comes with the facility of saving one-time-use recovery codes. It is advisable of saving those codes in case of 6 digit pin not prompt on the app.

Who can use ProtonMail?

ProtonMail can be used by anyone who is serious about privacy. Journalists, Activists, and professionals used these services to perform their work without interference. ProtonMail comes with similar features that are provided by any other email service provider like Gmail which makes ProtonMail easier to use without any complexity.

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