Free Web Application Scanner – Metasploit’s WMAP

WMAP is a light-weight web application security scanner available in the Metasploit framework which helps in identification of web vulnerabilities.

Metasploit framework is preinstalled in Kali Linux. You can download Kali Linux virtual machine or virtual box from below link:

After completion of the setup of Kali, open terminal and type below command to initialize the database to create a default database.

#msfdb init


Start PostgreSQL service by using below command

#service postgresql start

Start Metasploit by using below command



Must check database status whether it is loaded or not

msf > db_status


Now initialize WMAP scanner

msf > load wmap


Listing help options

msf > help







Add a website into WMAP to start web application security scanning

msf > wmap_sites

msf > wmap_sites -l


Add a target to wmap

msf > wmap_targets -t

msf > wmap_targets -l


Now, run a vulnerability scan against the target and you will get an output similar to a below terminal snap

msf > wmap_run -t


You can launch a scanner by using below command

msf > wmap_run -e


List out identified vulnerabilities by using below command:

msf > wmap_vulns -l



Definitely, WMAP is a good vulnerability scanner to identify less severe issues in an application. Although this tool does not replace your primary scanner and manual effort to identify high severity security issues.

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Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Individual is solely responsible for any illegal act.


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