How to find absolute value in python?

Absolute value is defined as if point mapped on two dimensional XY axis; it is the distance from the origin. Remember, it is always positive. In this article, we will discuss how we can find absolute value in python.

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Now which function we used to identify the absolute number in python?

abs() is the function available in python to calculate the absolute number.

math.fabs() is another function available to calculate the absolute number but as a floating type.


>>abs(value) #value is a parameter 
>>math.fabs(value) #value is a parameter

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Examples of finding absolute value in python

  • Absolute number of positive integer
  • Absolute number of negative integer - it returns positive integer by dropping negative sign
  • Absolute value of complex number - it returns magnitude of complex number

  • What if calculation happens inside abs() function - it solves the equation and return positive numeral
  • absolute value of positive floating value - it returns the same value
  • absolute value of negative floating value - it returns the same value by dropping the negative sign)

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math.fabs() examples

>>import math

Note: math.fabs() not able to identify absolute value of complex number.


abs() and math.fabs() are two in-built python functions that we can use to calculate the absolute number.

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