Cyber Security - Still Companies Not Able to Find Skilled Professionals

Cyber Security is a hot skill and many new graduates are interested to acquire knowledge related to it. In the current scenario, a lot of cybersecurity tutorials are freely available on the internet. Still, there is a huge lack of skill in cybersecurity. But if a country wants to secure critical assets, the gap may be the bottleneck for it.

Why skill shortage?

Many reports suggested there is a cyber security huge skill shortage in the industry. There are many reasons for skill shortage in the cyber security domain. I am listing a few.

Lack of College Degree

One of the main reasons for the skill shortage is the lack of a university degree in the specialization of cyber security. Although now some colleges started degree programs, still a long way to go. Training is another aspect, as quality training is very expensive in the field.

Lack of Defined Path

Cyber security is a huge domain, in which any professional can move horizontally and vertically. If professionals are involved in technology management, they move horizontally which means not going in-depth into a specific field. while if professionals need technical specialization in a specific field (e.g. malware analysis, incident management, etc.), they move vertically and learn in more depth.

Currently, there is no study available where professionals know what specific skills are required for the job. In addition, Companies also advertise job vacancies and mention requirements in an ambiguous way. They ask for many skills that range from web security assessments to malware analysis. Hence, professionals are confused and move from one subject to another without a defined direction.

Gender Inequality

Like other fields, women's participation is very low in cyber security. To fill the gap, women's participation in this field should be increased.

Entry Criteria

Companies want readymade solutions for cyber security. They want skilled professionals and don't want to train the professional at the company. There are many reasons that include the cost of training. Entry criteria are so tough that any new guy is not able to enter the industry.

Long Working Hours

Cybersecurity is a skill that needs a lot of time to enhance the skill. In addition, cyber security professionals spent long hours remotely during COVID-19. This will increase burnout among cybersecurity professionals.


There is a need to reduce the gap between cybersecurity skills and the skills of personnel in the industry. I hope that easily be reduced by providing opportunities and training to individuals.

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