Tips to Protect Your PC Using Windows Security

Windows is the most popular and widely used operating system (OS) worldwide. Most users rely only on Windows to access the internet. Still, after several flavors, Linux is considered the OS for professionals. For a long time, Windows need an external antivirus solution. Now, Windows introduced a built-in security feature named Windows Security to protect the PC from malware. This blog list Tips to protect your PC using Windows Security.

You can open Windows Security by just searching on the Search option. Just click on it and the below screen appears.

Tips to Protect Your PC Using Windows Security

(1) Virus & Threat Protection

Now, no need to install external antivirus to secure your PC from viruses. Windows provide an option to scan your PC for different threats. There is an option for Ransomware protection to secure data on OneDrive (need to configure email) in case of attack.

By default, the security setting under this option is enabled. You can easily verify by checking the small green tick on each option available.

(2) Account Protection

There is an option to create a user account with Microsoft. In addition, a dynamic lock is also available.

The dynamic lock option provides ample options that include a Sign-in Windows account with a physical key, a Password in form of a Picture, Fingerprint, Pin, etc.

(3) Firewall & Network Protection

The firewall option is also available under Firewall and Network Protection.

(4) App & Browser Control

This option provides reputation-based protection that helps in securing your PC from bad apps, malicious programs, etc.

(5) Device Security

If your device supports standard hardware security, try to find whether standard hardware security is supported or not.

(6) Device Performance & Health

Just check all parameters that come under this category and have a small green tick on a yellow try.

(7) Family Options

You can configure Windows PC for members of the family, and keep track of children.

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Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Individual is solely responsible for any illegal act.

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