How to select the Best Application Security Scanner

Application Security Assessment tool provides detailed application security vulnerabilities in web applications. Currently, both open-source and commercial tools are available. This blog list some critical reasons to select the best application security scanner.

(1) Vulnerability Detection

The best reason to select a tool is vulnerability detection by the security scanning tool. The more issues find by the tool, the job will be easy for the security analyst. If a tool is able to identify more security issues, more will be coverage of web applications.

(2) Identification of false positive

If the tool is able to identify vulnerabilities with accuracy, the job will be easy for the security engineer. As the effort is required to check the issue in manual testing, a lot of time for security analysts can be saved in manually verifying the issues.

(3) Cost

The cost is a critical factor to identify tools. As the budget is fixed, the best tool needs to be identified based on the cost. Sometimes low-cost tools provide similar results if identified correctly.

(4) Vendor support

This may be considered on topmost priority. As tools need to be supported for any technical glitch, support is required.

(5) Reporting

Reporting is utmost required. As web application security scanners provide a list of security issues, details are required to manually verify those issues. More details are available in the report, easy for the security analyst and developer to fix those issues.

(6) Future needs

Select a tool that takes care of your future needs. Ensure that the tool is able to scan applications at the pace that your organization wants.

(7) Frequency of Updates

As new security vulnerabilities are found each day, new updates are required to identify those issues on the web application. Ensure the vendor of the tool provides regular updates for the vulnerabilities.


If you follow the above factors while selecting a web application security tool, it will help you to identify the best tool.

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