Quick Review: LDRA Tool Suite

LDRA is a automated tool suite to test and verify embedded software for requirements traceability and compliance check against different standards. LDRA tool suite is developed by Liverpool Data Research Associates (LDRA).

Tool Capabilities

The tool suite provides a multiple capabilities and services that includes:

  • Requirements Traceability,
  • Test Management,
  • Coding Standards Compliance,
  • Code Quality Review,
  • Code Coverage Analysis,
  • Data-Flow and Control-Flow Analysis,
  • Unit/Integration/Target testing,
  • Certification and Regulatory support.

Industries served

Tool suite fulfils many objectives of different industries verticals which includes:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Medical
  • Rail Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Industrial and Energy

Core components

Core components of LDRA Testsuite

Sr. No.Component NameDescription
1. LDRA TestbedHelpful in analysis of core static and dynamic analysis for embedded and host software. It provides compliance against different standards based on MISRA, JSF++ AV, CERT C, CWE etc.
2. TBvisionHelpful in achieving standards compliance, quality metrics, and code coverage analyses with help of LDRA Testbed
3.TBrunHelpful in running execution automatically for unit and integration testing
4.TBmanagerHelpful in automating whole traceability matrix between different project activities. standards objectives, requirements, design documents, source code, tests and associated artefacts within the project verification workflow

LDRA Tool Suite

This section lists out features of the tool in a concise way.

Quality Report

Tool provide compliance against different quality metrics such as cyclometric complexity, Knots metric, Halstead complexity measures etc. This report provide a clear picture of code quality and confirms the embedded software is maintainable and testable.

Automated Code Review (Both static and Dynamic)

No doubt, manual code review is best but it is very difficult to perform if your code base contains thousands of lines of code. In addition, skill of auditor is quite critical to review code. LDRA tool suite performs automated code review that include both static and dynamic analysis of code against host and embedded software.

Compliance to standards

LDRA tool suite is very effective to check the quality of code against standards such as MISRA and CERT. Similarly, LDRA tool suite is quite effective in overall enhance the quality of IT product to level where it is difficult to compromise.

Support to different languages

LDRA tool site supports different programming languages that includes:



LDRA test suite is definitely a gem while performing evaluation of big and complex projects. It is recommended to initiate and use of tool early in the product development life cycle.

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