Golden Eye DDoS Tool: Installation and Tool usage with examples

GoldenEye is one of the popular HTTP Denial Of Service Tools. It uses KeepAlive (and Connection: keep-alive) paired with Cache-Control options to persist socket connection busting through caching (when possible) until it consumes all available sockets HTTP/S server.

This tool can be used for Load Testing and testing of Network devices.

Download Link:

Click on the Download button to download the tool


Zip files generally downloaded in the directory Downloads

Extract files from


Check extracted files

#cd GoldenEye-master

Tool Usage:

Right-click in the directory GoldenEye-master and click Open in Terminal.

1. To display all usage options

#sudo ./ -h

2. To send traffic to the target machine

#sudo ./ <url>
#sudo ./
#sudo ./

Use Ctrl + C to end attack

You can use the Wireshark tool to capture traffic

3. To send traffic of mode ‘random’ (both GET and POST Request) of 5 workers to the target machine

#sudo ./ -w 5 -m random

4. To send traffic in ‘random’ mode with 10 workers running 5 connections each

#sudo ./ -s 5 -m random

Similarly, you can use other options to control network traffic.

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Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Individual is solely responsible for any illegal act.

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    thank you for the tutorial on GolenEyE. do you have any posts about how to use Hydra or John The Ripper?

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